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The Elegy Lyrics

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The Elegy

Honk Soundtrack Musical, 1993
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The Elegy Chorus: An eerie mood descends the farm
It seems so strangely quiet
The rumour is the cat has had more roughage in his diet
All thought he was an ugly bird it hurts us now to say
that feathers have been sighted in the pussy’s litter tray

Maureen: (spoken) Ida I don’t mean to be rude but the description.
The donkey said he saw the cat walking away with a…well
who else around here looks like that

Ida: (spoken) Well I don’t believe it he was…IS a tough little duck
and I’m sure he can stand up to that mangy old tom

Maureen: (spoken) Well I’m sure he can but…
Ida: (spoken) He’s probably on his way back right now

Chorus: Poor Ida has our sympathy
She looks so sad and gloomy
But looking on the brighter side her nest is now more roomy
We find it rather difficult to say consoling things
Tonight the ugly duckling sleeps beneath an angels wings
Tonight the ugly duckling sleeps beneath an angels wings
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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