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Timeless Tale, A Lyrics

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Timeless Tale, A Lyric

Eva Trout Lyrics
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Timeless Tale, A Can\'t forget the memory that you left under my bed
Your record collection and your Hipster magazines
It\'s light levity for finally out in the summertime
A shape like your silhoeutte in every pair of Levi\'s
In every pair of Levi\'s

I\'m a twisted name on your lips
Leaving much for speaking and
Trying days is life for me to believe

If words were gold or diamonds then
I\'d be rich
If words were water
I would drown
And I\'d drown in this
Yes, I would drown...

Heyyy yeah-ee yea, heyy-ee yea
Heyyy yeah-ee yea, heyy-ee yea

Peddling outside this circle
With all your funny beliefs
No loneliness to gulf us

Hey, yeah, yeaah yeah well

And clean sheets and my pocket\'s dry
And I would like to come home
I just wanna come home now, yeah
Just wanna come

Heyyy yeah-ee yeah, heyy-ee yea

I just wanna come now, yeah
Just wanna come

Heyyy yeah-ee yeah, heyy-ee yea

[Thanks to JuneBuggy617@cs.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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