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Simply Most Loved Lyrics

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Simply Most Loved Lyric

The American Girls Lyrics
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Simply Most Loved Quiet, please
This darkness needs to ease the nerve
Ya heard just what I said
Please make it pass and fade
Out of sight

Please don\'t leave me
Please don\'t leave me

I\'ve started to dealt
Between the things I\'ve left
And the ones I\'ve kept in view
Beautiful, you\'re so beautiful
You\'re hard to see completely
But I know I do

Please don\'t leave me
Please don\'t leave me

And I said truly
I\'ll never leave you
As long as you just don\'t gooo!

Please don\'t leave me
Please don\'t leave me

Noooo! Nooo! Leave me! Nooo, noo!

[Thanks to JuneBuggy617@cs.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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