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Rich Girls, Poor Girls Lyrics

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Rich Girls, Poor Girls Lyric

Everybody Else Lyrics
Hills, The Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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Rich Girls, Poor Girls i been around the world, i can't decide
if i love or hate this thing called money
i seen those diamond waterfalls on all the corners
who say to me "hey honey"

i just know its gonna be okay
when all this paper blows away...
its just paper, anyway

you got the money that i want so bad
i like them rich girls
you got the loving that i never had
i like them poor girls
you got the money that i want so
you got the loving that i never had
rich poor girls girls

the rich girls see the curving of the earth
when flying over kansas city
but ice cream music floats along the hills
of where we're living
and those poor girls know the feeling of
the playground bench with darkness bleeding
like a palm tree, dreaming

i love you even though you got no dough

rich girls, poor girls
i just can't decide...
...i let them roll right by
((i like them rich girls))
...like them at the same time
((i like them poor girls))
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