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My New Friend (Dialogue) Lyrics


My New Friend (Dialogue) Song Lyrics

[Remy:] "Sorry, man."
[Scott Moss:] "Nah."
[Remy:] "It's a new city."
[Scott Moss:] "Nah, it's okay. You know, I understand.
Listen, we'll forget all about it. We're gonna go have a drink...
I got a couple of good people. Good friends of mine. We'll
have a good time. Whaddaya say? Yeah?"
[Remy:] "Alright, man."
[Scott Moss:] "Pick up your stuff, come on. We're men, white,
in America. What more do you need, right?"
[Remy:] "What?"
[Scott Moss:] "I said we're white in America.
What more do you need to have a little time?
Right? Alright, here we go..."
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Higher Learning Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1995
My New Friend (Dialogue) Lyrics by Cole Hauser and Michael Rapaport from Higher Learning Soundtrack (1995). Rating: 4.2/5 (27 votes)