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Don't Look Down Lyrics

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Don't Look Down Lyric

The Sugarplastic Lyrics
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Don't Look Down Sorry Miss Cool-headed, my nerves are thinly threaded
My spirit, I confess, is in distress
With whisker traces of my kisses on their faces
The girls have set out once again to remedy this mess

Facts and science, this kangaroo alliance
A pallid pair when everything is at stake
What would they choose, if their feet were in my shoes?
The likes of Newton, Faraday, von Heisenberg, and Planck?

Please be strong, wave goodbye, and don't look down

Heaven above me
Oh would there were ten of me
To take my girls and lead them by the hand
Such reflections try me and mirrors multiply me
But in the end I am merely one solitary man

Please be strong, wave goodbye, and don't look down
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