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Morning Yearning Lyrics

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Morning Yearning Lyric

John Linton Lyrics
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Morning Yearning My fingers touch upon my lips
It’s a morning yearning
It’s a morning yearning
Pull the curtains shut try to keep it dark
But the sun is burning
The sun is burning

The world awakens on the run
And we’ll soon be earning
We’ll soon be earning
With hopes of better days to come
It's a morning yearning
It's a morning yearning

Morning yearning…

Another day another chance to get it right
Must I still be learning?
Must I still be learning?
Baby crying kept us up all night
With her morning yearning
Morning yearning

Morning yearning…

Like a summer rose I’m a victim of the fall
But I'm soon returning
Soon returning
Your love’s the warmest place the sun ever shines
My morning yearning
Morning yearning

Morning yearning…

[Thanks to Stef for lyrics]
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