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This Is The Night

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This Is The Night Song Lyrics

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This Is The Night When all is dark and there's no light
Lost in the deepest star of night
I see you

You hands are shakin' baby
You ain't been sleepin' lately
There's something out there and it
Don't seem very friendly, does it?
If I could help you
I would help ya'
But it's difficult
There's somethin' much more powerful
Than both us possessin' me
I got to get to grips 'a
I don't want to feel like this 'a
Your voice keeps haunting me
I cannot eat or sleep
I'm going crazy
In this hazy fantasy
You put a spell on me
Oh, but I ain't going out alone

So take your hands off me
Tonight I'm breaking free
This is the night
This is the night


There was a time
I would have walked
On burning coals for you
Sailed across the ocean blue
From the highest mountain
Just to call your name
The moon throws down its light
And cuts me to the quick tonight
Change is in the air
Nothing will never be the same
You still look good to me
Ooh, but you're no good to me
I close my eyes
And it's squeezing from my consciousness
And in the morning when I wake
I walk the line
I walk it straight
But the morning's so many miles away
You've got now

Chorus x2

This is the night (This is the night) x 8
This is the night, yeah!
This is the night
This is the night, alright
This is the night, ooh
This is the night.
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