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In the Beginning Lyrics

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In the Beginning Lyric

K'Naan Lyrics
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In the Beginning Yiaoowww!

In the beginning there was hum
From a poet whose pulse fell
Drum, drum, drum!
He would perform prayers and all
'Till one day he heard a voice call,
"Come, come, come!"
Suspicious, he moved with vicious caution
Dismisses, he thinks it's a little off
People get held back
By the voice inside them

The voice said, "I'm poised to speak inside you
Rejoice and please let me invite you
To evil, greed, and lies too"

Confusing days, he moved in ways he soon became a kuuni
Boom, boom, boom!
A knock on his door, his lord is no more
A knock on his door, his soul is no more

La la la la- yeah
La la la la- that was in the beginning
La la la la- as the story goes on...
La la la la-

So, so, so:
The poet's got a proposal
He would always hope but never know
What it feels to be free
He would be the frozen, imposed as the chosen on all those opposing
But he would be greedy
That's got him there
He's power-hungry and proud too
People don't care, people just scared
People don't care, people just pray

La la la la- yeah
La la la la- that was in the beginning
La la la la- there was a hum
La la la la- and things change
La la la la-

Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's better to light a candle than to curse the dark
In the eyes of the youth, there are question marks, like freedom
Freedom for the mind and soul, we don't see them
See them for their worth at all, that's why we lead them
Lead them to these wars and what is it we feed them
Feed them our impurities and who it is we treat them
Treat them like the enemy, humanity will need them
Need them like the blood we spill and we're freedom
Freedom for the hearts we fill
Mislead them
They hunger for the love we give
But we cheat them
The cops beat him when all he wants is his freedom
So they defeat him
Whatever spirit he's got
Beat him
And they teach him that the rest of the world don't need him
And he believes it's a disease; that he's heathen
Put up your fists if all you want is freedom
Put up your fists if all you want is...

La la la la-
La la la la- that was in the beginning
La la la la- and things change
La la la la-

Yeah, yeah, yeah:
And we keep holding on
And we keep being strong
And we keep going on
And on and on and on

[Thanks to Phoebus, Rajesh Camadoo for lyrics]
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