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Gospel Weed Song Song Lyrics

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Gospel Weed Song [ Chorus ]

i Wake Up Praising God Every Day,
i Wanna Smoke Some Weed And Roll Me The J,
thank You Jesus, (Thank You Jesus) Thank You Lord (Thank You Lord)
for Letting Me Live Another Day! Hey-Hey!

[ Verse 1 ]

nigga I'm High, Nigga You High,
let's Get High In The Motherf**king Sky,
watch The Butterflies, Hit The Wall,
and If You Feeling Down, Give Your Boy Your Call.
weed, It Takes Your Stress Away,
that's Why Bizarre Smoke 10 Blunts A Day.
it's Not That One Stinky, Inky Green Stuff
line It, Pass It And Take A Puff.
having A Bad Day, Stop By My House,
cause Most Like You I Got A Blunt In My Mouth.
but You See I'ma Relack Some Chill;
and If You Smoke Weed, That sh*t I Got Some Deals.
what You Need Girl? A f**king Refill?
a Fat-Back The Weed In Some Happy Meal?
no, Baby, I Don't Smoke "new Ports".
only Fat-Back The Weed In This Ass-Court.

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse 2 ]

sunday Morning, Bizarre Have Day,
blunt In My Mouth, Watching Dj Dre.
dangerous My, Just Like Cudio
only Church I Know, A Sleep-Dog Studio.
wide Out The Raps, Blowing In My Lap,
Bizarre Inc - Gospel Weed Song
rap Hennesy, Keep The Acid Tap.
i'm Glad, That I ?Don't Rude? Out South,
take Here My Keys, Be The Man In The House,
??? Mushrooms, And Yellow Starbus,
fat-Backs And Middles And Missing Jots,
kidding And Lap, Come On Jump Pants,
reg A Bottle Of Gin, Two And Your Freaky Friends
aww, f**k It! Let's Go To See The Point,
bring Your Cell Alone, sh*t, Kid At The Joint,
cause Rapping, It's A Four. Time's Up!
all I Wanna Smoke Weed And Praise God!

[ Chorus ] X 2
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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