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Let Me Entertain You Lyrics


Let Me Entertain You Song Lyrics

Baby June
Make me entertain you
Make me see you smile
I will do some kicks
I will do some tricks
Momma Rose
Sing out, Louise!
I'll tell you a story...
I'll dance when she's done
Uncle Jocko
Who said that?
Who's out there, George?
I don't know, I got all the mothers out of here!
Just like you told me!
June and Louise
Are you ready to smile?
You're behind, Louise
Get upon it!
June and Louise
Well, I'll try that through
Entertaining you
Uncle Jocko
Who's that?
Sing out, Louise!
Louise and June
You'll love our lullaby
Uncle Jocko
Get that mother out of here!

Gypsy Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2003
Let Me Entertain You Lyrics from Gypsy Soundtrack (2003). Rating: 4.2/5 (24 votes)