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Why Song Lyrics

Nate Dogg
Gridlock'd Soundtrack - Movie, 1997
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Why [Intro/Chorus]

Why did my homie have to die, with tears in my eyes
I came to say goodbye, say goodbye
[repeat 2X]

Just passin through to let you know that I remember the times we shared
Your mother prayed for us both night and day
I guess this is what she feared
The picture in my room keeps your image sharply in my head
All in my head
I just can't let go of the memories I had; will this madness ever end?


Sometimes I wonder if it's better to be free or be in jail
Incarceration at this time to me is better than heaven or hell
I often wonder if you’d still be here if you had won your bet
Won your bet
You most likely soon see me we’ll all be a memory
if we don't change this mess... change it or we gone y’all


Hi, passing you through to let you know
Passing you through to let you know
That I, gonna tell everyone I know
Gonna tell everyone I know
How we, used to send them to the floor
Used to send them to the floor
Have we, have we forgot to mourn

Ohh, how long, how long, how long will they mourn
Ohh, how long, how long, how long will they mourn

[Chorus 3X]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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