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Shot Down Lyrics


Shot Down Song Lyrics

Hey Little girl,
What’s the matter with you?
Don’t you like
the things I do?
You’re wearing a frown.
I’ve been shot down.
Hey little girl,
I play a guitar.
I even drive
a brand new car.
Big man in town,
I’ve been shot down.
I thought he was having fun,
now see what you’ve done.
Can’t show my face in town
cause I’ve been shot down.
Hey little girl,
I need you so.
If you want my love,
just let me know.
Stop running around,
I’ve been shot down! x2

Greenberg Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2010
Shot Down Lyrics by Sonics from Greenberg Soundtrack (2010). Rating: 4.2/5 (23 votes)