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He's a Ladies' Man Lyrics

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He's a Ladies' Man Lyric

Good News! Cast Lyrics
Good News! Soundtrack - Musical, 1996
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He's a Ladies' Man Corda:
There he goes, the modern knight

The boy's despair, the girl's delight

The women's home companion is his name

He's a clown, he's a wit
The co-eds say that he's got it

Corda, Flo, Millie, Lucy:
And what he does to flappers is a shame

A dirty shame

Flo, Millie:
Walks collegiate, collegiate clothes
He's a ladies man

Lucy, Corda:
Gets that swagger gets that pose
He's a ladies man

Flo, Millie:
As a lover the boy's a star
When he gets 'em inside his car

Lucy, Corda:
He goes over the course in par
He's a ladies man

In a pinch, in a clinch
Better leave yourself lots of headroom
Put on the breaks
When he mistakes
A rumble seat for a bedroom

Walks collegiate, collegiate clothes
He's a ladies man
Gets that swagger and gets that pose
He's a ladies man
Got a lot of energy and lots of class
He would be a catch for any lucky lass
But 'till he pops the question better block that pass
With a kick
Or a boot
Or a laugh or a hoot even though he is cute

He's a man!
He's man's man
What a man, what a man, what a man!

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CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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