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I Promise

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I Promise (Instrumental) Song Lyrics

Alan Silvestri
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This composition "I Promise (Instrumental)" contains no lyrics and fully instrumental.
Melody was included in original CD album "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" from official Movie soundtrack in 2009 year.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

Song title Artist name
Clan McCullen (Instrumental) Clan McCullen Video add Alan Silvestri
Mars Industries (Instrumental) Mars Industries Video add Alan Silvestri
Delivering the Warheads (Instrumental) Delivering the Warheads Video add Alan Silvestri
General Hawk (Instrumental) General Hawk Video add Alan Silvestri
Hard To Be Nato's Fault! (Instrumental) Hard To Be Nato's Fault! Video add Alan Silvestri
King Cobra (Instrumental) King Cobra Video add Alan Silvestri
What Happened to Her? (Instrumental) What Happened to Her? Video add Alan Silvestri
I Promise (Instrumental) I Promise Video add Alan Silvestri
The Pit Battle (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
They Intend to Use Them (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
Snake Eyes (Instrumental) Snake Eyes Video add Alan Silvestri
I Have a Target in Mind (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
The Joe's Mobilize (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
Northern Route (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
Who Are You? (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
Deploy the Sharks (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
Final Battle (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
Just About Close Enough (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
The Rise of Cobra (Instrumental)  add Alan Silvestri
I'm Not Giving Up on You (Instrumental) I'm Not Giving Up on You Video add Alan Silvestri
End Credits (Instrumental) End Credits Video add Alan Silvestri
Boogie Bumper  add The Charlotte Swing Band
Portis  add Henrik Jacobsson f/Jax Diamondz
Bang A Gong / Get It On London Bus Stop f/ T-Rex
Boom, Boom, Boom / Shake Your Reggaeton Boom, Boom, Boom / Shake Your Reggaeton Video add Zombie Bank
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow Traditional
Whisker Frisking  add Randy Jones
Boom Boom Pow (DJ Ammo, Poet Named Life Megamix) Black Eyed Peas

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