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Love's Gonna Getcha Lyrics


Love's Gonna Getcha Song Lyrics

You're on your own, living life as it comes by
Your happy tone is a mask that you wear tight
Struggling you put things in your own hands
Wasting life building in the sand

Love's gonna getcha, love's gonna catch up to you
You're running' fast but it won't last
Love's got a spectrum every color under heaven is true.. right down to you

You don't believe that you're worth someone fighting' for
But he sees what he made and your worth his fighting for
You are special don't be surprised
He just wants you by his side

I know a love that breathes under water and lands with no ground
and if you stand still and hear him say...I love you

[Thanks to newuserid for lyrics]

Friends With Benefits Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2011
Love's Gonna Getcha Lyrics by Tal & Acacia from Friends With Benefits Soundtrack (2011). Rating: 4.2/5 (26 votes)