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It's The Holidaze

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It's The Holidaze Song Lyrics

Westside Connection
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It's The Holidaze Intro (Chorus):
Tell ya people that Im comin by,
Got that sh*t that'll get ya high,
Talkin sh*t cuz Im off
tonight, and you really wanna feel alright
(Ice Cube: show me what you workin wit')
Ice cube: Cook sometin' serve sometin',
like George Girv sometin', fingaroll Michael Irv sometin',
Cook sometin', Cuz its that holidaze,
get ya dolla daze, pop a colla plaze,
Im come through wit the brand new light blue ready to eat n' sh*t,
Niggas cant compete my sh*t,
Got the whole family on the law, so mine's be jealous,
like that nigga marcellous, but don't get overzealous,
and try to ball wit a nigga who play double headas cuz,
I'll pull out the double wettas,
cock em' back and treat you like you neva met us,
so this year fill ya heart wit' cheer or disappear nigga,
holla if ya clear, its Ice Cube you can call me tha Grinch,
I got your Christmas list,
but i ain't buyin' you sh*t


[Thanks to dre2kule@yahoo.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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