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Once Upon A Time Lyrics

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Once Upon A Time

Frankenstein Cast Lyrics
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Once Upon A Time Elizabeth:

So long ago,
So far away,
Once upon a time.

There lived a young girl,
aloft in a tower,
who cowered behind the gates of her heart.
Her dragons and demons
kept her in prison

So long ago,
So far away,
Once upon a time.

She wept every night,
alone and lonely,
only lamenting her sorrowful fate.
She longed for a dream
that belonged to her only
Once upon a time.

And word of her plight
soon spread far and wide
and suitors would ride in
from faraway lands.
Never one able to suffer fools gladly
madly she'd suffer at all these fools hands

Sadly she tried
to be brave and be strong
And without any warning
A young prince came along.

The fire he possessed,
he unchained her spirit.
When she would hear it,
his laughter brought love.
Suddenly, then, as if borne on his magic
she soared from the tower above.

He swept her away
to his palace of wonder
and soon laid asunder
her demons so neatly.
For she was his muse
and he'd never refuse
and he'd win o'er her heart
for he loved her completely.

then the cruel world
with its storms and its quaking
set forth to taking
her prince by the hand.
And led him away
so the maiden would see
the prince was magic,
he was merely a man.

The seasons must change,
and laughter fell silent,
and time takes its toll
on lovers and friends.
And even fairy tales must have an end.
So long ago,
So far away,
back to the dream in her mind.

No more alone,
yet again lonely,
Once upon a time.

[Thanks to Dustin bell for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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