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She Freaky Lyrics

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She Freaky

Ray J Lyrics
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She Freaky (Feat. Unk)

Every City I go
Dere's a freak on da low
She keep it hush hush
So no body wont know
Every city i go
dere's a freak on da floor
She keep it hush hush
So no body wont know

She freakkyy (I know she want it)
She freakky (i got some for yall)
So freakky ( i know she want it)
Soo Freakky ( i got some for yall)
She Freakky (i know she want it)
She freakky (i got some for yall)
So Freakky (i know she want it]
So freakky (i got some for yall)

[Dj Unk]
I meet woman all around da world
But aint nothin better than a freaky girl
Cuz i know how to treat a girl
You look so sweet i could eat ya girll
So fly lookin so sexyy
I reply every time she wit me??
Left and right up and down like a yo yo
Hush hush keep it on tha low low
Dey know me every where dat i go
Aint no keys dey be passing out poho?
Hit tha club get em on tha dance floorr
Turn ma party into a freakshow
Look der she go right derr got a lips ???
But ya da whole world hate her
But she dont care
Got a freakum dress on wit no underwear
Damm you no you gorgousss
Ya i cant afford ittt
So finee i cant ignore it
I first swoop?? wen i first saw it
Slow it down we can chopped and screwed this
Throw this down like something foolish
Slow it down we can chopped and screwed this
Take it to da crib we can go to do this


[Dj Unk]
Hit tha club at a quarter uhh
Tryna find me a freakky friend(freaky friend)
Time fly and she call ma name ya boy unk strikes again (strikes again)
Wats up lil mama you a 10
Hit me up baby lemme no wen
Freaky girls in tha places ive been
Keeps me stroken again and again
This kinda girl puts on a show
Make it drop down low tryna sweep da floor
???? need to go
You tha freakiest thang i have seen before
Is she wit me girl
Cuz i need to no
Cuz i aint got time tryna teach a ho
How to be a freak
Cuz you so unique
Throw dat thang to tha bak(yeaa)
show theses bros how to act(yeaa)
Drop it a little low for a stack(yeaa)
DAAAAMMMMMM why you do a ni**a like that (yeeaa)
This for the freaks all around tha world
Every city every state every where i go
Send me places in da club you already know
You can kick it with me just keep it on tha lowww


ATL (dey freakyyy)
New Yorky City (dey freakkky)
New Orleans (dey freakkyy)
Up in texas (dey freakkky)
Chicago (dey freakyy)
In LA (dey freakky)
Florida (dey freakky)
Down in Memphis (dey freakkyyy)

Dis for tha freaks all around tha world
put ya hands in tha air if you a freaky girl [x2]

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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