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I Promise

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I Promise Song Lyrics

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I Promise I been watching the birds as they go
I been keepin my bank account low
I been keepin my end of the deal
With Saint Anthony and Saint Thomas

My little sister gave it a hell of a try
You know I hear it gets worse when you die
I can't believe you got me waiting for another year
But if you ever make it back I'll be here

And I'll be ready, I promise
I promise

I hear your voice say things to me
But I get up for nothing 'cause I'm afraid to see
Every day is so twisted, I know you won't give in
But I'll still be here if you want me back again

I promise
I promise

You can always come home
I promise
You can always come home

I try to count the chimes
Water the flowers above the sink sometimes
I listen to your records
Do you still have mine?
Every day is so twisted, I know you won't give in
So I promise not to try to make it breathe again

I promise
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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