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Dance the Night Away

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Dance the Night Away Song Lyrics

David Banner
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Dance the Night Away Look at your body
Your man needs help
Stop being selfish
I got notes
Take my hand
I do the rest
Tell me what you want girl
Is it is it s-e-s-e-x
Daddy don't want you
Hangin with a thug
I bet hes thinking
We gonna ha ha ha ha
Breathe real hard
Your sweat is drippin
All over your body
Let me give you what you're missin

Pre Chorus:
Grab you coat, grab you coat
say good bye, say good bye
Come on Let's ride, come on let's ride, girl let's ride, girl let's ride
I feel the need, to sweep ya....

Me and you we should be
Dancing in the sheets

I can do what i want to
I play by my own rule
Come with me let's just dance the night away
Don't worry bout what i do
Watch me as i move on the floor
And let's dance the night away
Ooh night away
Come with me let's just dance the night away

I've been thinking what should be lost
All of your clothes
let's take them off
Except them pumps
Leave 'em on your feet, girl

Give it to me now, I'll make you weak girl
Come on lil mama, nowwhat you're gonna do
Live in the past and move on to something new
I ain't trippin about your friends
They can come too
We aint' got much time but I'm actin brand new

Ooh no i don't follow no rules
I do whatever i want to
It's my life and i can't be
Like you i can only be me
Some call me a rebel
You wanna be one let's go
It's your life so gonna do you
Don't let no one control what you do

[Pre Chorus:]

Ooh no i don't follow no rules
What your daddy keep tellin what you're gonna do
I do whatever i want to, 2
3 4 let's go, going
It's my life and i can't be
See girl come with D.B.
Like you i can only be me
Take my hand girl you can be free
Look into my eyes girl tell me what it is
We could go to the club not yet, go ahead do it
We can dance all night, your choice let's live

[Pre Chorus:]
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