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18 Years Lyrics

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18 Years Lyric

Buck McCoy Lyrics
Flicka 2 Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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18 Years Verse: Woke up this morning to a simple song in my head, and it wasn’t long
Before I realized what day it was then the tears fell down, I got a bit emotional
There she lay, fast asleep I said a prayer for the Lord to keep her here
Chorus: 18 years and another cup of coffee we’ve been keepin’ it together fueled
by love and drenched by tears 18 years and it’s only gettin’ better a bit older, a bit
weathered still we’ve managed pullin’ 18 years
Verse: We’ve got a daughter, she’s seventeen and then soon, she’ll hit eighteen
Our pride and joy, we’ve done our best time is comin’ ‘round for her to do the rest
On her own, very soon, then I’ll sing her this simple tune
Chorus: 18 years and another cup of coffee she’ll be keepin’ it together
Fueled by love and drenched by tears 18 years and only getting better
Through some very stormy weather off into the world at 18 years
Bridge: I wanna hold on to the moments in my life, but that can be so hard to do
All I can do is to treasure this time, love every moment here with you
Repeat chorus/Here’s to another lovin’ wonderful…18 years
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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