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Manhunt Lyrics

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Manhunt Lyric

Karen Kamon Lyrics
Flashdance Soundtrack - Movie, 1998
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Manhunt [Chorus:]
I'm goin' on a manhunt, turn it around
Women have been hunted, now they're huntin' around
Manhunt, we all got the need
The one that's been waitin' has taken the lead

I see him every day in the office, he's sexy and he's smooth
He's good to look me over, but slow to make his move
I've been sittin' at home by the telephone, hopin' I'm in his plans
This waiting game is gettin' old, it's time to take matters into my hands


Pruny lips in the mirror, lucky heels on the floor
The future's drawing nearer, I just can't ignore
I know he'll be at the party tonight, he'll be lookin' so fine
He'll be surprised when I walk up to say
Man, I wanna make you glad you're alive


I'm goin' on a manhunt - I'm out for a kill
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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