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Love Won't Let Me Wait Lyrics

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Love Won't Let Me Wait Lyric

Major Harris Lyrics
First Sunday Soundtrack - Movie, 2008
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Love Won't Let Me Wait The time is right
You hold me tight
And love's got me high

Please tell me yes
And don't say no, honey
Not tonight
I need to have you next to me
In more ways than one
And I refuse to leave 'till I see the
Morning sun creep through your window pane
Cause love won't let me wait (not one more minute, baby)

The time is right
Turned down the lights
And take my hand
We will take a flight
And spend the night
In a wonderland
Now move a little closer to me
You owe it to yourself
And I will selfishly take a little for myself
And it's because of you
That love won't let me wait

(No , listen girl)

I need your love so desperately
And only you can set me free
When I make love to you
We will explode in ecstasy
And I won't take the blame
That love won't let me wait, no

Love won't let me wait (my temperature's rising)
Love won't let me wait (cause your so tantalizing)

(Oh listen girl)

Love won't let me wait
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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