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Hit the Block Lyrics

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Hit the Block Lyric

U.G.K. Lyrics
First Sunday Soundtrack - Movie, 2008
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Hit the Block (feat. T.I.)

[Chorus 1: MJG sample]
Get that cheese, hit the block, get that cheese, hit the block
G-Get that cheese, hit the block, get that cheese, hit the block
G-Get that cheese, hit the block, get that cheese, hit the block
Get that cheese, hit the block, get that cheese, hit the block

[Bun B: over Chorus One]
Get it, let's get it
Get that money mayne, get that money mayne
Let's get that money mayne, c'mon

[Chorus 2: MJG sample]
Hit the block, count that cash, get that cheese, get that dough
Hit the block, count that cash, get that cheese, get that dough
Hit the block, count that cash, get that cheese, get that dough
Get that cheese, get that dough, get that cheese, get that dough

[Bun B: over Chorus Two]
Let's go, yeah, let's go
What? What?

[Chorus 2]

[Bun B: over Chorus Two]
Let's get it, yeah
Let's get it, what? What?

[Bun B:]
Well it's the first of the month my nigga so you know what it is (is)
Let's get down to the block and get that handlin this biz
Call the dealers and killers, cut-throated thugs are gorillas (what?)
Got my haters to feel us and recognize who the trillest (huh)
I got my mind on my paper (paper) it's time for collectin ('lectin)
My issue you neglectin, seem to me you disrespectin
Boy don't play with my pape's cause I'ma gon' spray where you stay
Pull out that K in a day and get done away like you fake
Straight out P-A short Texas, servin trees on the West (West)
A money-makin machine, nigga I do it best
With the cream and the cash, by any means I'ma mash
So go get my green out the stash, walk with that beam in ya ass
Cause I gotta

[Chorus 2]

[Pimp C:]
Uhh, I got a 'Llac with a stash spot
Spot, for that plastic heater in the glass knot
Get the cheese, whip the blow, hit the sneeze, hit the dro
She on her knees in the low, I make 'em get down on the flo'
Flo', you niggaz say you want a better price
Price, you got it but it ain't gon' hook right
Drop seven on lock tight, f**k wit it the whole night
Try to hit and she hid the Sprite, got you mad like Tina and Ike
Ike, my product always cover up good
Good, nigga I can put that on my neighborhood
Hold Arthur right on the water, white powder and hella snorter
Nigga wanna buy eight I brought 'em
slowly off and then I ate in the squadda
Uhh, now nigga look at how the time change
Change, check out the Jordans on this wide frame
Whippin out and grippin gram, new truck or candy slant
Makin young girls drop it I, hit the slab b**ch hit the block

[Chorus 2]

[T.I.: over Chorus Two]
Let me get these niggaz for you Pimp!
Let me handle this sh*t for you Bun, I got you!
You know it's a team, UGK alumni
Ain't nuttin!

I got a, fresh connect a Betty bubble up out the pirate
Ask yourself, cheap in Texas if you can drive past
Besides that, nigga current or make five cents
It's seven eight or nine, seventh time a month supply that
By fifty thousand, no more browsin, b**ch I'm buyin that
I'm ridin 'Llac with three old Benzes right behind that
Fifth comin down we be flexin, fives and sixes in GTS's
Chrome tips with VVS's, neck and chest in VVS's
Oh yes it's, the mob better get your mind right
Ay Tip ain't goin home, that don't even sound right
You niggaz actin like a broad, I don't wanna fight
Nah I ain't gon' squab but I will have a gun fight
We finna hit the streets with the glock, with the G's in the block
Trappin on like a traffic stop, then sooner or later I have a knot
Got money from Bankhead to Groverland, f**k your head back to Simpson Road
Down South fakers known for gettin paper
then some of the hill niggaz still know, for sho' they know

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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