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Dog 4 Life Lyrics

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Dog 4 Life Lyric

Iceberg Lyrics
Exit Wounds Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Dog 4 Life [Iceberg]
Uh-huh, yo.. (dog, that's my man)
Uh-huh, I'm back (y'all ready?)
Can y'all hear me? Uh-huh
Yo.. (y'all ready?)
Ice, berg.. (hit 'em hard) I got 'em.. (hit 'em hard)
Uh-huh, uhh.. (hit 'em hard)
Uhh.. c'mon!

It's funny how I use to serve on the block with grams
Now I'm rollin with the dog cause (that's my man)
And these cats stay frontin with, somethin to prove
That's why I stay away from dudes with, nothin to lose
So the only dogs I roll with, off da leash
Off the streets, with bodies by Dawson's Creek
Cause I always did things, ahead of my time
Lead in my nine, throw it in ya head and ya spine
Y'all could never really imagine all the dirt that I did
Tellin me I ain't a man, but I know I ain't a kid
Sayin lyrics that I spit ain't, teachin the youth
But you should do you cause I'm speakin the truth
Now I'm a lil' older but I'm still collectin my bones
Even though I'm sixteen I'm still holdin my own
Talk bout I best X.. (blood line!)
Shouldn't mess with my, dogs, cause I love mine

[Chorus: Iceberg]
The streets keep callin me..
Tellin me stay on the block don't get a job dog hustle and rob
And it's hard to be..
Not able to think about it
Know that this money I need I can't even drink without it
When all I see..
It's my life, yo' life, goin trife from the bad advice
It's the dog in me..
That's chewin out ya bad line, whenever you past the scratch line

See y'all think cause I'm a young guy, that I won't let them guns fly
Runnin in the streets from the one time
Who ever thought I'd get with my idol
I'm not a shorty no more, I done switched my title
to the real me - a grown man in a small body
I'm the illest young dog and the rest of y'all copies (uh-huh)
And if another cat tell me that I'm good for a shorty
Show 'em that I'm good with a forty, cal'
Dog - blaow - is you feelin me now?
Knock ya whole grill out to get rid of ya smile
I could never love a chick, cause I hit and be out
We blood line, you know what this here is about
Just the money power respect, girls flour and tecs
My dogs shower your set, within an hour or less
Sstart beef, blood leaks out of your sweats
Think a few cats hot, but I devoured the rest


Cause I'm a dog-fo'-life
And I was taught to bite, on and off the mic
And I'm a dog-fo'-life
And everybody round the world know 'Berg is tight
Cause I'm a dog-fo'-life
I wait until you all alone, come and snatch your bones
Cause I'm a dog-fo'-life
And you girls only call me a dog cause I hit and be gone
It's my time to play my, turn to ball
Dog I learned to ball now I'm burnin y'all
I changed the game, turned into a major pain
Hollow points from my tip'll rearrange ya frame
It's just my life dog; doin grimy things
with them real trife dogs (yeah aight dog)
I spit so sick cause I'm with that clique
Blood line snub nines if it gets that thick
And I'm a, dog for life that was taught to bite
On and off the mic if it cost my life
Almost lost my life for the cost of ice
Dreamin real foul things like the Poltergeist
Cause I'm only sixteen, my raps is mean
I pack the beam, duct tape wrap ya team
Dog is p**sed, cats better guard they fence
before I hope over it and latch on ya pit, c'mon

[Chorus - 2X]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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Dog 4 Life Lyrics Iceberg

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