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1-2-3 Song Lyrics

Memphis Bleek
Exit Wounds Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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1-2-3 [repeat 3X]
To stick a nigga with -- ryde or die
It's just as easy as -- one two three

Geah, to stick a nigga with -- ryde or die

[Memphis Bleek]
Aiyyo, aiyyo..
I puts it down for my niggaz with them glocks and things
That make a nigga stop, drop his watch and chain
I'm here now and I quote, get ya pad and take notes
This as easy as it get, better than baggin up dope
Rule one you need a gun, and a box of shells
Ski-mask recommended unless you ready for jail
Keep a knife, in case he get hero and grab the gun
And while you tusslin, use the knife to puncture a lung
Rule two, and every killer knows this one
You throw the drop on a thug better check him for his gun
Cause we all hold heat, we all don't sleep
We all know rule three, you play, play to keep
Rule four - a team ain't neceSsary but it helps
You probably could stick a bank.. spot, or sum'in else
I'd rather do it myself, and stack my cash
Don't need nuttin or no one else cause this game don't last
Nigga.. -- one two three
To stick a nigga with -- ryde or die

[repeat 3X]
It's just as easy as -- one two three
To stick a nigga with -- ryde or die

[Memphis Bleek]
Geah, aiyyo
Aiyyo this one's for my niggaz who will rob anybody
You know how the game go, long black shotty
I catch you in your Range Ro', you and your hottie
I'm hungry you ain't know? I stuck who supplied me
The fifth rule, a b**ch could get it too
These streets watch me, so I gotta get at you
I watch y'all, in y'all P-rada and Gucci
You see bleek, camoflauged with a uzi
I take a nice rock that your man might have copped
Or your light pink face Rol', b**ch you ain't know?
The sixth rule, what we do, we don't regret it
I don't make a shorty wifey and, f**k up her credit
Then rule seven come to play, food stamps come today
You ain't shoppin, I got sh*t on lay-away
Peep my game and feel my pain
A lot of niggaz gettin wet when Bleek start to rain
Motherf**ker.. -- one two three
To stick a nigga with -- ryde or die

[repeat 3X]
It's just as easy as -- one two three
To stick a nigga with -- ryde or die

[Memphis Bleek]
Whoever be out shinin then this one's for you
All that flossin, better take caution top
Cause once you slip, rule eight, facin the fifth
Takin your cake, takin your jewels, takin your bricks
And your wallet with your Amex cards and baby pictures
Ya ID, leave you stuck like, "Why me?"
And rule nine, we don't touch no kids
We after your guardian sh*t, so pardon the kid
I get grimy, nigga I take ya weed and your blunt
The keys to your V, your rings and your fronts
Now who want what? Tenth rule you still stuck
The game ain't changed, just I don't give a f**k nigga

-- one two three
-- ryde or die
-- one two three
[M] Yeah, niggaz know
-- ryde or die
[M] How the motherf**kin streets go
-- one two three
[M] Coming of Age Records nigga
-- ryde or die
[M] The Understanding, hit'n'run for y'all bastards
-- one two three
[M] We gettin anybody and everybody who look pretty shinin
-- ryde or die
[M] thinkin it's sweet
-- one two three
[M] Like these streets ain't gon' getcha
-- ryde or die
[M] I take everything MOTHERf**kER
-- one two three
[M] Yeah
-- ryde or die
-- one two three
-- ryde or die
-- one two three
-- ryde or die
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