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Et Tu, Brute? Lyrics


Et Tu, Brute? Song Lyrics

Not this time, I've never followed you
You got a story, here's how you tell it
I'm soul searching and you don't f**king get it
You should be searching 'cause you've lost your f**king mind
I, I see it clear
Just take one step, kid
Do you think I'm f**king blind? I see it all the time
Now you don't come around and that's just not fair
You don't have the time, well I don't f**king care
I, I see it clear
I think you want to break
I think you want to burn
These bridges that I make
You'd think I f**king learn
You change your mind like the wind blows
Are you on my side? I never know
You speak of glory when you have none
And I'll be here when you're gone
Left me behind
You can't keep me in line
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Escape From L.A. Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1996
Et Tu, Brute? Lyrics by Civ from Escape From L.A. Soundtrack (1996). Rating: 4.7/5 (21 votes)