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I Ain't Hard To Find Lyrics

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I Ain't Hard To Find Lyric

Paul Wall Lyrics
Entourage Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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I Ain't Hard To Find If you lookin for me i aint hard to find
Ill be right there posted on that 59
I got a burna in my lap at all times
And a bag a sticky icky green limes

I got that paper in them rubberbands stacked up
And i got somethin hidden in the stash wrapped up
If you see purple in my cup that mean im leanin tough
I got them haters on my back so i be strapped up
Im in a league of my own while them haters throw stones
But my mind on cash im in the zone im grippin wood and tippin chrome
Im well known my wrist is rocky like stalone
Southlea is where i rome
The champ is here and there is no clone
Off top im well respected on many blocks
So im pullin hundreds and smashin cocks
Knockin these broads up out they socks
Im in the hood like wig shops
Look close i aint hard to spot
Im right there at that gamblin spot
Stackin up a fat not

Hook(chorus 2x)

Im a block burna like lil wayne
Revisin the game like king james
The heads turnin like slim thug chain
Im bangin hooks like sugar shane
Im thowed off like major payne
Talkin sh*t like brother lane
These boys talkin down on the name

But they all washed up like eddie kane
The slab roof like david blaine it dissappear like magic
Glock nineteen made a plastic might stretch ya out jus like elastic
I stay up on my toes till tha day that my casket close
Bankrolls and fine hoes fancy cars and starch clothes
Weed cigars and moet rolls pints a bar and kushy dro
Dime collector outside the club in candy toy with tha trunk exposed
Swishahouse baby thats my crew roll wit us or you'll get ran thru
We loved by few and still tru let me tell yall jus wat it do

Hook (chorus 2x)

Its hustle time texas
I do this for tha streets
Grindin wit no sleep because that paper wat i seek
That hatin need ta cease im evadin tha police
And i been hustlin since hulk hogan body slammed tha iron sheek
My flo is outta sight but them boys is all hype
They cant see me up on tha mic
So they be hatin me outta spite
Some potent purple sprite i done paid my dues
I hear tha strong survive but the weak end up on fox news
Sleepless nights wit burna in hand cause now a days them jackas plot
Jealousy turn friends ta foes im packin glocks around tha clock
Stackin nots and mackin hoes
Chasin paper and ridin vogues
Get that dough wit out tha po's
On five nine double o

Hook (chorus 2x)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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