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Time to Confess Lyrics

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Time to Confess Lyric

Gov't Mule Lyrics
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Time to Confess Only the darkness can keep you warm
On an evil night like this
Are you looking for someone
To give your arm a little twist
Everybody needs some danger sometimes
I'm no different
Just think of me as your equal
I won't undress you
I wont' hold you down
I wont' stick a knife in your back
They you did that clown
Can you feel it - can you taste it
Yeh, you must've seen it coming
Surely you could've guessed
The game is up
I'm gonna take you down
No more crying
I think its time to confess
You better pray for a miracle
Or you better pray this never ends
I, myself, can play the victim
I'll do whatever the part demands
You saw me watching you
You had time to run
Ain't it enough that you torture me
You had to go for his gun

You won't see no bright lights burning
But you'll feel the heat
This is how it happens
When strangers turn to lovers to enemies

Can you feel it - can you taste it
Dont' look at me that way
With that blood on your dress
The game is up
I'm gonna take you down
No more crying
I think it's time to confess
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