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Dire Wolf Lyrics

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Dire Wolf Lyric

Stiff Dead Cat Lyrics
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Dire Wolf In the timbers of Fennario the wolves are running round
The winter was so hard and cold, froze ten feet 'neath the ground

Don't murder me, I beg of you don't murder me
Please don't murder me

I sat down to supper, 'twas a bottle of red whiskey
I said my prayers and went to bed, that's the last they saw of me

When I awoke, the dire wolf, six hundred pounds of sin
Was grinning at my window, all I said was "Come on in"

The wolf came in, I got my cards, we sat down for a game
I cut my deck to the queen of spades but the cards were all the same

In the back-wash of Fennario, the black and bloody mire
The dire wolf collects his due while the boys sing round the fire
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