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Love Will Turn You Around Lyrics

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Love Will Turn You Around Lyric

Kenny Rogers Lyrics
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Love Will Turn You Around You can run you can hide
never let it inside
Keep livin' your life in the dark
But sooner or later
that gentle persuader
Is gonna catch up with your heart
Make you a dreamer, believer
Believin' in love

Right when a man's
doin' all that he can
And he thinks he got
just what he needs
Life will deliver
a shock that will shiver
And drivin' him down to his knees
Make him start givin'
livin', livin' again

Well it's your mind
that tricks you in to
leavin' every time
Love will turn you around
turn you around
Well it's your heart
that talks you in to
stayin' where you are
Love will turn you around
turn you around

Out of the blue
she reaches for you
And you tell her
you don't have the time
So you move away fast
but you know it won't last
Cause you can't get her
off of your mind
Thoughts are burnin', turnin'
they're turning around

How do you know
when to stay or to go?
And how do you know
when it's real?
You don't need a sign
to make up your mind
When you got your heart
at the wheel
You wanna start sharin'
carin', carin' again


Love will turn you around, turn you around
Love will turn you around, turn you around
Turn you around
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