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Fucked Up Lyrics

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Fucked Up

Lil Whyte Lyrics
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Fucked Up [Chorus - Juicy J:]
I'm gettin' fucked up, man I'm gettin' fucked up [4x]
A player drinking Maker's Marker, cranberry Vodka, Maker's Marker cranberry Vodka

[Lil Wyte]
Give me a cup some ice some vodka and let's go
Give me some dro let me put down the Crown and Coke
I'm slummed out drunk as fuck and I know
You won't make it home if you ride with me bro
'cause I've been drinking since 2 start to smoke around noon
With no sleep I'm feeling similar to a cartoon
Animated but gonna manage to make it through the day
Bein' a rapper's close to being an alcoholic that gets paid
I done see the higher ground now that I'm on a different plane
If you step to me wrong I'm a have to show you I'm the man
I'm Lil Wyte the motherfucking drunk n cracker sippin the blue top
As long as I'm here I'll rip it so long that you'll never let the blue stop


[Lil Wyte]
Well I'm fucked up! by now you should see
Maker's Marker and some Vodka flowing all through me
On the way to the liquor store to get another bottle
Runnin' red lights never taking my foot up off the throttle
I'm a little tipsy, cock-eyed the whole nine, 40 proof or better
And I really don't fuck with wine I'm a whisky sipper
Sour Mash is not the slime, I got motherfuckers
That get drunk and fight for fun, get up out my way
You see ma brain is on a different level
Break tequila out and you gonna see me
turn into the devil, I'm the one and only Lil Wyte
I do it my way Bitch! A guy that gets fucked up
with me then hit the highway Bitch! And that's what's up

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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