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I Remember Love Lyrics

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I Remember Love Lyric

Drowsy Chaperone Soundtrack - Musical, 2006
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I Remember Love [Totendale]
I remember me I remember you
I remember paddling a little red canoe
and I remember love
atleast I think I do

I remember orange I remember moo
I remember petting something furry at the zoo
and I remember love
atleast I think I do

Don't ask me when my birthday is I haven't got a clue
[Its April 10th]
Don't ask me what my name is I don't know
[Its Mrs. Totendale]
Ohh I'd forgetten

I remember rough! I remember phew!
I remember scr*pping something filfy off my shoe
and I remember love
atleast I think I do

[She remembers zip]
[She remembers fuzz]
[She remembers nothing but an omnipresent buzz]
[But she remembers love]
Ohh I do
[Atleast she thinks she does]

Don't ask me what my address is I never really knew
[I'll pin it on you]
And wheres that ukalale I love so
[loopde lou]
Ohh wouldn't cha know

Ohh Ohh Ohh I remember cold
[She does]
I remember hot
[She does]
I remember something I think I must forgot
[Do you remember stop?]
[Because the sun is through]
Well that maybe true
But I remember love
atleast I think I do
[I'm sure you think you do]
I really do
[You really do]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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