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Regret Song Lyrics

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Regret Maybe I was six
Or maybe five or three
Eating Popsicle's on my grandpa's knee
Watching football on his big TV
Thinkin' "I can do that; how hard can that be?"
Then I heard the ice cream man
Driving down my street
I had to go outside
Before he drove by me
Saw that big white truck
And all of that ice cream
And I thought to myself
I though to myself
Wish I could be anything I want to be
Wanna be a fireman
Wanna be an astronaut
Wanna sail the sea just like a sailor
But it's not the end of the world
So baby don't get upset
It's just a little regret
I'm a big boy now
Wearin' big boy clothes
Drivin' down my street
In my Rodeo
Workin' the same old scene
Tryin' to make a go
"If you call me on my cell, we'll do lunch sometime"
I feel just like an Edsel
But you learn from your mistakes
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