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One For Sorrow

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One For Sorrow Song Lyrics

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One For Sorrow I wanted your love , but look what its done to me
All my dreams have come to nothing
Who would have believed
All the laughter that we shared would be a memory
I cannot count the tears you've cost me
If I could have seen
And do you ever think of me
And how we used to be?
Oh , I know you're somewhere else right now
And loving someone else no doubt
Well I'm one for sorrow
Ain't it too too bad
Are you breaking someone else's heart
'cos you're taking my love where you are
Well I'm one for sorrow
Ain't it too bad about us
I wanted your love , but I got uncertainty
I tried so hard to understand you
All the good it did me
Now the places that we knew remind of how we were
Everything is just the same
But all I feel is hurt
And do you ever think of me
And how we used to be?
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