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The End of That

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The End of That Song Lyrics

Plants and Animals
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The End of That I tried your cocaine
Just to know what it could do
I had to try it again
Just to give it a second chance
But it tore out my soul
Passed out, crashed out on a mat
And that was the end of that

Oh lately, I've been such a drag
All down in the dumps, man
Moping and dragging my feeds
Coping with a life of luxuries
Focused on my defeats and all the things it sucks to be
Like the Great One said, "It's a crock of cr*p!"
And that was the end of that

Here we go

Wait don't go
You distract me so
And you make it so easy to hide in the scenery
In your vintage jewellery
Like some f*cked up bumblebee
Headed for the potpourri
Of the ladies room

Wait don't go
You turn me on so
With your bee-sting lips
And your pepper-grinder hips
Like a thread and the needle
We're just typical people
We're hoping to be friends, do cool stuff and be equal
I think that's where it's at
Can't we just say that that was the end of that
Was the end of that...
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