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Lorrell Loves Jimmy/Family (Reprise) Lyrics


Lorrell Loves Jimmy/Family (Reprise) Song Lyrics

Where you goin'? You can't leave me, girl, I love you.
And Lorrell loves Jimmy,
Lorrell loves Jimmy, Lorrell loves Jimmy, it's true.
But Lorrell and Jimmy are through.
I got a show to do, remember, baby?
Oh baby, I got a show to do.
And now, please welcome the brightest star in the Rainbow Constellation,
Deena Jones and the incredible Dreams!
I, I
Hello, America. What a wonderful evening. I love you all.
Curtis, baby, this is for you.
We are a family
Like a giant tree
Branching out toward the sky
We are a family
We are so much more
More than just you and I
We are growing free
[Thanks to GRACE for lyrics]

Dreamgirls Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2006
Lorrell Loves Jimmy/Family (Reprise) Lyrics by BeyoncA Knowles from Dreamgirls Soundtrack (2006). Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)