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I'm Lookin' For Something

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I'm Lookin' For Something Song Lyrics

axi Anderson, Charlene Carmon
Dreamgirls Soundtrack - Movie, 2006
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I'm Lookin' For Something ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
the Apollo Theater continues its legendary talent contest,
with the indefatigable Stepp Sisters!

STEPP SISTERS: I’m looking for something, baby!
Something that’ll give me a rise
I’m looking for something, baby
Like a real nice surprise
I’m looking for something, baby
Something that you have got
I’m looking for something, baby
And it’s gonna be
Real hot!

MARTY: Ladies, you can’t leave! What about the show? What about Jimmy?

JOANNE: Don’t touch me, Marty!

MARTY: Ladies, you can’t do this to me!

JOANNE: Marty, you know I can talk; well, Marty, watch me walk!

MARTY: You walk Joanne, and I’ll call your union!

JOANNE: What union, Marty? You don’t hire union!

CHARLENE: Come on, Joanne, our limousine is waiting!

MARTY: You’re gonna pay for this!

CURTIS TAYLOR, JR.: Excuse me, would you be interested in the star of tomorrow?

MARTY: Are you another singer?

CURTIS TAYLOR, JR.: I’m Curtis Taylor, Jr. Your Cadillac dealer.

MARTY: Just what I need. Dog acts and car salesman.

STEPP SISTERS (in background): Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do…

Oh no…oh no, it’s already started! Effie! Effie, Lorrell!
It’s already…(speaking quickly) Oh, I’m so sorry mister,
I’m sorry I’m rushing, you see, our train was late getting in from Chicago,
and we had a hard time finding the right subway, and we didn’t know what to

ANNOUNCER: Are you Brenda Talbert?!

DEENA JONES: No, I’m Deena Jones, I’m one of the Dreamettes.

ANNOUNCER: Well, I’m the emcee…and you’re too late.
You were supposed to go on second.

DEENA JONES: Oh, sir, but our train was late!

CURTIS TAYLOR, JR.: Hey Earl, Earl…why don’t you give her a break,
this lady came all the way from Chicago.

ANNOUNCER: Oh…all right, all right. I’ll put you on last…after Tiny Joe Dixon.

DEENA JONES: Oh thank you, now which one is he?



STEPP SISTERS: (in background) Ooh! Looking for, looking for something, baby…

LORRELL ROBINSON: Deena, Deena! Oh, Deena, we made it!
We made it! It’s so unbelievable!


LORRELL ROBINSON: We’re gonna be so famous!
We’re gonna be famous, like the Chiffons, the Marvelettes, and the Supremes!

C.C. WHITE: You are gonna be more famous then all of them!

LORRELL ROBINSON: All we need now is a miracle!

C.C. WHITE: Hey, we win this contest, anything is possible!

DEENA JONES: Oh, C.C., where is your sister?

C.C. WHITE: Oh, Effie! Effie, over here!

EFFIE WHITE: Do we have any time? I need to rest!

What? We’re about to enter the greatest moment of our lives, and you want to rest?

LORRELL ROBINSON: Aww, she’s just nervous, that’s all.

EFFIE WHITE: I’m not nervous, I’m tired.

DEENA JONES: Effie, now, come on!
We don’t have much time! We still have to change!

C.C. WHITE: And rehearse! Come on!

DREAMETTES: Move, move, move, move…

STEPP SISTERS: I’m looking for something, baby!
I’m looking for something, now!
I’m looking for something, baby!
I’m looking for something, now!

BACKGROUND SINGERS: Looking around….looking around….

ANNOUNCER: Let’s hear it for the unstoppable Stepp Sisters!
And remember, at the conclusion of our talent contest, the
wildest man in show business, our headliner, James “Thunder” Early!
And now, continuing with our talent contest, here’s
Little Albert and the Tru-Tones!

[Thanks to overthem00n@bellsouth.net for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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