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Let's Ride (Remix) Lyrics

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Let's Ride (Remix)

Montell Jordan Featuring Shaunta Lyrics
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Let's Ride (Remix) [Intro]
Montell Def Jam
Shaunta Yeah
Montell Montell remix
Shaunta You wanna ride
Montell Let's ride
Shaunta Who wanna ride?
Montell Yo Shaunta gotcha open

[Shaunta Montgomery]
Bad boys like smooth chicks
I like mime bald bow legged and chocolate
Green eyes handlebars and big lips
Get it
Shaunta got you panicking
When the album drop, quiet like mannequins
Montell, I'ma take your body over
And when you ride again, I'ma roll you over
I never front 'cause I say what's on my mind
And do you all night
'Cause your girl never took her time

[Montell Jordan - Verse One]
Tell me
What it's like to be inside
I can imagine
'Cause girl I like the way you ride
The way you're dancing
You make nasty look so nice
Your love is bout it bout it baby
Don't you make me ask you twice if I can ride

Shaunta- Where you wanna go?
Montell- I wanna ride with you.
Shaunta- Where you wanna go?
Montell- Can you ride me too?
Shaunta- I don't know.
Montell- I don't know.
Shaunta- I just wanna...
Montell- Ahh ahh mmmmm
Shaunta- RIDE!
(repeat x2)

[Montell Jordan - Verse Two]
You¡¯re irresistible
I wanna hear you say "let's ride"
And in my videos
Yo got my body all excited
And now you're bouncing like they do
And New Orleans and A-T-L
'Cause this remix got 'em shaking
Saying "Keep it hot, Montell"

She's going up and down and round and round enough
Ooh girl, you know I really wanna ride

[Repeat CHORUS]

[Shaunta Montgomery]
Where you wanna go (I throw your legs up in the air)
Let's do it again (I wanna ride)
Throw them legs like a Bronco
Room 190 after Nico
Yeah I sip moe
In resteraunt-es call me Shaunta
The black pre-madonna
Don't mess with me, I does what I wanna (she does what she wanna)
To get my name right
Yall ride my style like childs on Huffy bikes
My steps too hot like ahh ahh
Can you take me there (ahh ahh)
But can you keep me there
'Cause brothers try to get it
Try to slit it
Try to hit it
But if you wanna f**k Montell
I'm with it
Ahh ahh mmm ahh ahh mmm
I like it like that

[Repeat CHORUS]

Shaunta- Where you wanna go?
Montell- Ohh
Shaunta- Where you wanna go?
Montell- Yeah yeah
Shaunta- I don't know.
Montell- Ohh
Shaunta- RIDE!
Shaunta- Where you wanna go?
M- Stepped in the club.
Shaunta- Where you wanna go?
Montell- After my show.
Shaunta- I don't know.
Montell- You know that's bout it.
Shaunta- RIDE!

[Montell Jordan]
Everybody's on the low low
She's going up and down and round and round and down
(Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Shaunta)
She's moving up and down and round and round and down
(Def Soul, we can Dutch, yea yea yea yea, whooo, ahh ahh mmm)

[Shaunta Montgomery]
Hee hee haa haa hee

*Where you wanna go?
Where you wanna go?
I don't know
I just wanna
* x 4
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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