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Day by Day

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Day by Day Song Lyrics

Dracula 2000 Soundtrack - Movie, 2000
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Day by Day looks like I've f**ked up again what's new
I am always getting out of hand though in control sometimes just don't give a sh*t
I get raw have fun I love it so sick of sayin' sorry
those apologies have got to go
but I don't intend to create a pain in your heart I am a pain in the ass
cause that's what I am about day by day
I can see a change in every way some things get worse some things get better
I hate to say those blatant lies are now a part of my past
I hope I don't get confronted abusing others' minds through control
I don't want it to last so here I go
I am on my way
I am leaving for good
I pray that you forgive me for all of the harm that
I caused cause we were friends and we had some great times and that's why
I am just fine cause that's the way it is I hate to say
but I've declined all your ways
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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