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Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind) Lyrics

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Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind) Lyric

Stereophonics Lyrics
Dodgeball Soundtrack - Movie, 2004
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Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind) Dancing
In the mirror
You could see her from a mile man
She was alright
She looked right over her shoulder
Right at me
I was falling through the floor now
She came, over me

Help me, oh help me,
She's out of her mind
Help me, oh help me
Somebody tonight

Laughing, all night
She could tell a funny story
She could stay up all night
She was someone to remember
She was black and white
We did it on a sunbed
And she did it right

Help me, oh help me,
She's out of her mind
Help me, somebody
Oh help me, tonight

Prancing, around a low lit light
Running rags over her shoulders
Red chilli lights
She drink you underneath the table
She hold you heavenly tight
Slap you right across ya white face
She make you cry like a child

Help me, oh help me,
She's out of her mind
Help me, oh help me
Somebody, tonight

Crazy, out of her mind
You wanna shoot her wanna love her
You can't make up your mind
You wanna tell her all your stories
Wanna open your mind
You wanna show her how your heart works
But she ain't got the time

You're fighting, all the time
There's nothing working, nothing gaining
Just a waste of time
You're trying hard to remember
All the beautiful times
But yer clouded by the bullsh*t
All of the time

Loving, on a Saturday night, making love under a blanket
With the telly on loud
You wanna show her that you love her
But there's sex on ya mind
Makin' love from watching movies
I think I'm doin' it right

Help me, oh help me
She's out of, her mind
Help me, so help me
Somebody tonight
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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