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Brooklyn Lyrics

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Brooklyn Lyric

Melky Sedeck Lyrics
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Brooklyn On a lonely night in brooklyn
You told me you’d be mine forever
I am the lady from New York
Whose heart you once broke
On a night like tonight

Can you imagine how it felt
Did you even feel any guilt
(oh well oh well oh well)
your tender touch will set me free
when you wrap me in you arms and say that you love me (oh yes)
it gives me the strength to move on
in your loving arms I’m never alone
(alone, alone)

On a lonely night in Brooklyn
when all hope was long gone and shattered
you were the sun that shined on me
and it was your love that set me free
honestly you complete me, yes
even if I lived a thousand years (uh huh)
I’d always need you close and near (oh well oh well oh well)
Your tender touch set me free
When you wrap me in your arms and say
That you love me ,yes
It gives me the strength to move on (and on and on and on)
In your loving arms im never alone (alone alone)

On a lonely night in brooklyn (ohhh)
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