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Die This Way

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Die This Way Song Lyrics

Daniel & Jon Licht
Dexter Soundtrack - TV, 2007
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Die This Way Jon Licht:
If you look close, you can see his disguise
He's got the mind of a killer buried deep in his eyes
It's a different mind than you and me
One fueled by a pure sense of apathy
Ta-Ta-Take blood just to get his fill
He's got a demon inside he can't seem to kill
Another day, another dead
Slash his knife 'til he sees red
There's nothin' left but a drop between glass to stay
Another life is taken away
But not in haste, or for waste
Just in time for him to get another taste
Lost in a state of mind
Lost looking for another of his kind
But his lonely mind is his only friend
His lonely friend will be with him to the end
And she sang

A lonely whisper in your ear
Saying the things you don't want to hear
With a breath, you hear him say
On this night, you will die this way
You will die this way

Jon Licht:
Yo it's a chilly evening on the westside
And D E X is snoopin around a double- wide
All of a sudden, a page comes through
Rita's makin dinner she wants you to come too
He doesn't get hungry when there's blood in the air
This'll be quick he won't even know I was there
Another day, another dead
Something's wrong up in your head MR. D E X
I gotta kill just to get some rest
Another night, another bloody success
Yo now it's clean-up time stash away the knives
And the little brown box holdin so many lives
I guess for some, it's easier to say
Believe it or not, you gonna die this way


[Thanks to Ranley Duret for lyrics]
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