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Planning & Scheming Lyrics

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Planning & Scheming Lyric

Eli Roth & Michael Bacall Lyrics
Death Proof Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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Planning & Scheming Michael Bacall:
Now look. You can't look like you're trying to get her outta here before Christian Simonson shows up.
But you gotta get her outta here before Christian Simonson shows up.

Eli Roth:
What's the point?
They're going to Shanna's daddys house at Lake L.B.J. and it's no guys.
Absolutely no guys.

Michael Bacall:
So after we bring the girls drinks...
In fairly rapid order, but not obvious,
we order two more rounds of shots.

Eli Roth:
She ain't gonna fall for that.

Michael Bacall:
We'll be very convincing.
And now's the time to turn up the volume.
No more f**kin' around.
We go to Jager shots.

Eli Roth:
Man, they're not gonna drink Jager shots?

Michael Bacall:
Dude, as long as a guy's buying the booze, a f**kin' b**ch'll drink anything.
C'mon, we can at least get one shot of Jager down these f**kin' bitces throats.
After that, we'll see if they get another Jager shot in them.
You never know.
That could be the sh*t that puts them past the point of f**k-it.

Eli Roth:
Then all of a sudden no guys at the lake house
Turns into a couple of guys at the lake house.

Michael Bacall:
My point exactly.


[Thanks to Bliss for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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