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Something Bigger, Something Better

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Something Bigger, Something Better Song Lyrics

Amanda Blank
Date Night Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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Something Bigger, Something Better Chorus
My ladies who got their own cash
Know how to swing their hips fast
Back and forth to the beat
Don't sleep girl
Show them how you work that ass
My fellas who keep that s**t on lock
And know how to keep their lady rocked
F**k a two step
We break sweats
Because we're so damn [hot]

Something bigger for you buying
That s**t they sell in stores
I rocks like robs quick double time
When i test my shine but i stay fly
Click-click-Click i see you creepin'
Just so you know oh i ain't sleepin'
Fake witches liftin' b**ches
Rob my style i see you shiftin'
M-T-V-T-R-L Tease
Glorify video ho b**ch please
My chicks run sh*t at the club get ripped
My daddy stay low on the floor like this


I got something better for my girls that know that Clever work it out their own way f**k what he said
No I won't be judged that way
I'm owning the first class hooker sh*t
F**k em if they can't handle it
As if I care stay drawn and stare
I don't fight back to take it there

My coose they goose they loose and drill
Shakin my ass to the beat like this
And if you can't get down with it
Get off the floor cuz this song is fo...


I'm a fly jawn
F-l-y j-a-w-n
I get off on top and get on again
I'm so strong, so gone
I play for the win
I'm a fly jawn
So [hot] its a sin


Its a sin
Its a sin
Its a sin

(Shakin my ass to the beat like this)

My coose they goose they loose and drill
Shakin' my ass to the beat like this
If you can't get down with it
Get off the floor cuz this song is fo...

(Chorus x 2)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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