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Keep on Pushin'

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Keep on Pushin' Song Lyrics

Bahamadia, MC Lyte, Nonchalant, Yo-Yo
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Keep on Pushin' [Hook:]
Only God knows how we'll all end up
Get so corrupt, we can't give up, we got to keep on pushing
(Keep on pushing, ain't no stopping us)
Ain't no stopping us

A child of the essence, turning degrees into perfection
My struggle is now objective to meet the rightous direction
The life lessons, but what they all about?
If I took the dolo route, and I left the people out
Non-personal connects, low-cost effects
Bound to meet my doom for regrets so I just
Put all praises down to Allah, plus the block
Pull my family ties in one big knot
Respect the divine that makes me help me ride to the top
And do a trip to a past never forgot
"Clap your hands now"

Where do I go from here, I don't know, I don't know
Till I find my past, the life I knew, the life I knew
I'm holding on to my roots cause they pulling my leaves
I traveled over seas, got 400 degrees
It's the city life, trife concock the scheme
To play apon my dreams still fulfillin' my needs
Well I don't know, whatever happened to my past
Wait I gotta think about (I don't care) how long I can last
I don't know as long as I get over my worlds most biggest fears
Cause I'm drenched in sweat for family tears
So ah, where do I go from here, I don't know
I don't know, till I find my past, the life I knew
(The life I knew) the life I knew

[Hook (x2)]

All in the game a young female, so intelligent
And deep like seashells, uh, I'm from L.A. so I gotta cap to adapt
Plus interact with the black folks
And blowin' smoke ain't never been a problem
It's waking up and facing the drama
Can't let you hang, maintain, run game, pimp thangs
And roll my land cruiser like it's on Danna Danes
Uh, it's show low, the west coaster, you know
Let you boost like I'm suppose ta
"Clap your hands now"

[Hook (x5)]
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