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Secretly Lyrics

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Secretly Lyric

Skunk Anansie Lyrics
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Secretly I've been biding my time
Been so subtly kind
I got to think so selfishly
'Cos you're the face inside of me

I've been biding my days
U see evidently it pays
I've been a friend
With unbiased views
Then secretly lust after you

So now he's gone rusty
You're bored and bemused
You wanna do someone else
So you should be by yourself
Instead of here with me

Trying hard to think pure
Bloody hard when I'm raw
You talking out so sexually
'bout boys 'n girls and your friggin' dreams
So now you feel lusty
You're hot and confused
So now you've been busted
You're caught feeling used

You had to do someone else
You should've been by yourself
Instead of here with me
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