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Bedroom Dancing Lyrics

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Bedroom Dancing Lyric

Day One Lyrics
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Bedroom Dancing Do U wanna go dancin?
In a club?
We could have a good time and live it up.
Sed if U wanna go dancing U gotta wear a tuxedo
And we could do the tango whereva we go
Sed if U wanna do the tango then we're gonna need a ballroom
So she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom
And then she did it...stripped me half naked
And told me that her body was sacred.
She sed I could take it, if I danced with her
But sumhow I knew that she was an indian giver

I sed 'what about tomorrow??'
She sed 'what about tonight??'
She sed 'trust me baby itll be alright'

She walked in wearin stiletto boots
First woman, weddin then honeymoon,
This girl that I thought I knew so well
Didnt know her until we hit the hotel
And we're on the dancefloor, by the seashore
She sed 'these nights we dance together is what I live for'
I sed 'what about before, before these nights??'
She sed 'ask me no questions and ill tell U no lies'

I sed 'what about tomorrow??'
She sed 'what about tonight??
Trust me baby itll be alright'

And so we danced and danced and danced and danced and danced
So we danced and danced and danced and danced and danced all night.

12 o' clock the music stopped [music fades out to silence]
She walked away from me and took her shoes off
And she sed 'thats it'
And I knew it,
She sed 'we cant dance without music.' [music starts up again]

I sed 'we can dance tomorrow'
She sed 'we've already danced tonight, trust me baby ull be alright'
It'll be alright.
It'll be alright.
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