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Tear Me Down

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Tear Me Down Song Lyrics

Shelley Miller
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Tear Me Down tear me down
build me up backwards
its the only way to know
tear me down
build me up backwards
its the only way to understand

you see, i had a dream
that he did what he wanted
and followed me back to the light
and when i awoke again, i was just shaking
and nothing you do can make me feel alright

tear me down
i don't know who i am

hold on, you say, we can be stronger
than the monsters in your bed (you said, you said)
but i'm not, and i just start shaking again
you see, i had a secret
and i put it in my pocket
with some stickers and a handful of change
but the rain made it rust
and it cut me up inside
and i'll never been that free again

and i don't know where i've been
and you say
catch me by my fingers
by my toes
and if I holler, let me go

so there were two little girls
playing jumprope games after dark
singing, singing 'miss suzie said'
under the bare bulb of the streetlight
in the corner park
singing ollie-ollie-oxen-free,
mother may i take
one step home now
i want to come home

i don't know where i've been
tear me down
if you want to understand
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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